Microsoft Word has been used since the dawn of time. Okay, that's not true, but you've probably used it or come across Word at some point. Whether you're a Word pro or just looking to give it a go, this toolkit area is crammed full of lots of resources to help you out. Take a look and see if you can learn something new, and even make working more efficient.

Getting Started

To get started, visit office.com and log in (Add this to your bookmarks, it comes in handy!)

To log in, please use your username followed by @nescol.ac.uk not your full email address.

For Example jmat@nescol.ac.uk

Watch the short introduction to Word from Microsoft to see how to use the online features

Use Word online to create and edit great-looking resumes, newsletters, and documents, and invite others to review and co-author in real time.


You can even save time by using the stunning new templates to help you get started and add some style to your files.

Click Below for Word 365 Training Videos & Courses (opens in a new window)

Share a File
Use the Tell Me function
Word 365 Course
Accessibility in Word
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