Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related materials, providing a means of sharing and collaboration. Users can create and edit pages quickly, while tracking changes and additions, allowing for effective collaboration between multiple writers. You can create one or more wikis for all course members to contribute to and wikis for specific groups to use to collaborate.

All course members can use the wikis tool to record information and serve as a repository for course information and knowledge. A course wiki is a vast source of information compiled by course members. Wikis can help build a community of collaboration and learning by increasing social interaction during the exchange of information.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using a Wiki? (Original Course)

Wikis can help course members build a shared repository of knowledge. This means students can get access this this "bank" of knowledge at any time without having to wait till class o wait for a reply to an email. With dedicated use, you can use wikis for these educational purposes:

  • Provide an easy to use environment for communication
  • Promote collaboration rather than competition
  • Foster a social and interactive approach to learning
  • Build partnerships where you can benefit from the strengths of others
  • Increase network building, trust, and negotiation skills
  • Provide support and prompt feedback
  • Provide a one-stop area where information is searched, updated, and accessed easily and quickly
  • Increase and enhance the possibility of creativity, spontaneity, and innovation through the application of reflective thinking

When should I use a Wiki? (Original Course)

You can use wikis as course content or graded assignments for these types of activities:

  • A glossary
  • A white paper
  • Class summaries and outlines
  • Connect student writing to form a book
  • A resources repository
  • Lab experiments
  • Student solutions for scenarios and case studies
  • A research notebook
  • Group project presentations

How do I create a Wiki Topic? (Original Course)

To begin creating your WikiTopic go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Wikis and select Create Wiki. Type a name and optional instructions. Make the wiki available to students. Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Display restrictions don't affect the wiki availability, only when it appears. Choose the Student Access option. You can change the student access at any time.

  • Closed to Editing: Select this option when you're the only one who contributes pages or to prevent further page edits by course members. Select this option when you're ready to start grading the wiki contributions. All course members are allowed to view wikis that are closed to editing.
  • Open to Editing: Allows course members to modify any wiki page. In a group wiki, you must be a member of the group to edit a wiki page.
In the Wiki Settings section, select No grading or the Grade option and type the number of Points possible. After you enable grading, a column is created automatically in the Grade Center. The wiki is permanently gradable, and you can't change it to No grading. If you want, select the check box for Show participants in needs grading status and select the number of pages required. If you apply this setting, the Needs Grading icon shows in the Grade Center. The pages appear in the queue on the Needs Grading page after student activity meets this threshold. Add a rubric if you want. Select Submit

How do I create Wiki Pages? (Original Course)

  1. To create a Wiki Page on the Wikis listing page, select a wiki title.
  2. On the wiki’s topic page, select Create Wiki Page.
  3. Type a title and a description or instructions.
  4. Select Submit.

How do I comment on a Wiki Page? (Original Course)

  1. To add comments access a wiki topic and select the page to view in the sidebar. The wiki page opens in the content frame.
  2. Select Comment below a contribution and type a comment. You can use the spell check function at the bottom of the box as needed.
  3. Select Add.
  4. To view all comments, select the numbered Comments link.

How do I grade a Wiki? (Original Course)

To begin grading the wiki access the wiki first. On the wiki topic page, select Participation and Grading. On the Participation Summary page, select a student's name in the content frame or in the All menu in the sidebar. In the menu, students with contributions ready for grading appear with the Needs Grading icon. Use the left- and right-pointing arrows to navigate to the previous or next student. On the Participant's Contribution page, a list of the student's pages and page versions open in the content frame. You can also view information about the contributions. In the Page Version column, select a page's title to review it. In the grading sidebar, type a numeric grade in the Grade box. If you associated a rubric with this graded wiki, expand and complete the rubric. To edit an existing grade, select in the Grade box and change the grade. Optionally, type Feedback for the student. In the Add Notes section, make notes that appear only to you and the grader role. You can use the spell check option in the bottom of each box. You can also open the full content editor to access additional formatting options. The content editor icon appears as an A. You can embed an audio/video recording of your feedback in the editor as you grade. Select Submit to add the grade, feedback, and grading notes to the Grade Center.

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