Turnitin is the global leader in evaluating and improving student writing. The company’s cloud-based service for originality checking, online grading and peer review saves instructors time and provides rich feedback to students. One of the most widely distributed educational applications in the world, Turnitin is used by more than 10,000 institutions in 126 countries to manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student papers online.

It includes:
OriginalityCheck - Ensures original work by checking submitted papers against 24+ billion web pages, 250+ million student papers and leading library databases and publications.
GradeMark - Saves time and improves feedback through online grading where standard and customised marks appear directly on the student's paper. You can also use Quickmarks to annotate the paper with pre-defined comments. These can be group into sets then exported for use by other Instructors.
PeerMark - Engages students in the writing process by providing structured, anonymous feedback of other student's written work.

The Video here from Turnitin gives an overview of the Similarity Report that is given. This shows how plagiarism is checked, and what the scores indicate about students work. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a Turnitin Assignment?

1. To add a Turnitin assignment, select the 'Assessments' drop-down menu, then select 'Turnitin Assignment'. 2. On the assignment creation page, enter an assignment title and an optional point value for the assignment. Note: Only alpha-numeric characters should be used when creating an assignment title. We do not support special characters and punctuation. 3. Select start and due dates for the assignment. Specific times are also selected. Students are only able to submit once the start date and time has passed. After the due date and time, students will be blocked unless late submissions are enabled. In Blackboard, the post date relates to the availability of GradeMark papers only and has no bearing on when grades are posted to the Blackboard grade book. 4. Select whether the assignment will require Originality Reports for submissions or whether any file type can be uploaded. The default option is to Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for Similarity. For assignments that do not require Similarity Reports, instructors can select Allow any file type which allows instructors to leave feedback on every file type.
5. To see more options for the assignment, click on the Optional settings link 6. Modify any other assignment options 7. Click submit to add the Turnitin assignment to the course

What similarity report settings should I use?

Depending on your choice for your assignment there are different options you can use. If the assignment is set to accept any file type Turnitin will only generate Similarity Reports for the following file types: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), Google Docs (submitted via the Google Drive submission option), plain text files. Immediately (first report is final) - Similarity Reports for all submissions will be generated immediately. Students cannot resubmit papers. Submissions must be deleted by the instructor to enable resubmission. Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) - Students may resubmit as often they need to until the due date. Similarity Reports for the initial submission, and the next three resubmissions, will generate immediately. (Note: The first three resubmissions will generate a new Similarity Report straight away. After three attempts, a 24-hour wait is enforced to generate Similarity Reports for all subsequent resubmissions.) On due date - Similarity Reports will not be generated for any submission until the due date and time of the assignment. Students may resubmit as many times as needed until the due date and time without receiving reports. Resubmissions may not be made after the due date and time of the assignment.

How do I submit on the behalf of a student?

To submit on the behalf of a student select the Turnitin assignment from your blackboard course.
Select an enrolled student name using the author pull down menu on the submission page. Papers submitted by an instructor on behalf of a student will appear in the student portfolio just as if the student made the submission. If you submit on behalf of an non-enrolled student they will be unable to view the submission, even after you have added them to the class. Enter the title for the paper Once the requirements for single file upload have been reviewed, you have a choice to upload a file from:

  • A computer
  • Dropbox
  • or Google Drive
Click one of the submission buttons and then locate the file you would like to upload.
Click Upload to upload this file. The upload will begin processing on the submission preview page and will indicate the upload progress of the selected file. Once the file is processed the first page of the file will be displayed. Once the paper has been uploaded, the first page of the paper being submitted is displayed. Review the text to confirm the correct file was selected. Use the arrows above the document preview to check any further pages in the document.
To complete the file upload, click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the page.
Click Go to assignment inbox to view the list of current student submissions, or click Submit another file to continue submitting as a student.

Why are my students not showing up in the Turnitin Assignment inbox?

If your students aren't showing up in the Turnitin Assignment inbox you might need to use the Roster Sync option. To access this option navigate to the Turnitin Assignment inbox by going to your C ourse > Course tools > Turnitin Assingments and then choose your assignment. Once in your assignment choose the Roster Sync option and Turnitin will fetch your students for you.

How do I download all the submission papers?

To download all papers submitted to the Blackboard assignment or reports associated with the assignment, click the Download All drop-down menu and select the format in which you would like to download the papers to your device. Note: If your download is going to take a while, you will be notified that the download is processing in the background.​

How do I grade my students work?

There are several ways to grade a students work. You can add "bubble" comments, QuickMarks, Inline Comments, text summary comments and even voice comments. To add a "bubble" comment imply click on the page, click onto the speech bubble icon and begin typing in your comment. The student will then be able to view the comment by clicking on the bubble. To add QuickMarks onto the paper click on the page and select the QuickMark icon (A tick mark inside a box) you can then select different QuickMark sets, create QuickMarks and choose the QuickMark to drag onto the page. To add Inline comments, click onto the page and select the "T" then you can type your comments on to the page. To add text summary comments, on the right hand side of the Turnitin submission paper select the feeback summary panel (the blue icons) The text feedback icon is a pencil icon and this will allow you to submit a text summary. This will show up at the bottom of students submission when they view their feedback. To add voice comments, select the same icon for the text feedback. You will notice the area for recording audio at the top. This will allow you record up to 3 minutes of audio feedback for the students.

How do I create/add a new QuickMark?

You can create your own QuickMark comments in the QuickMark Manager. This allows you to create class or curriculum specific marks. To access the QuickMark Manager select the QuickMark tool and choose the "cog" icon in the top right hand side. Once in the QuickMark Manager on the left hand side you have three "Menu" lines. these will allow you to choose different sets, as well as create a new set. From the list, choose the set you would like to add to. Click the + icon in the QuickMarks column header. Enter a title and a description into the fields provided. Formatting and hyperlinks are available for your QuickMark's description, too. Click Save to create the new QuickMark or Cancel to abort.

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