Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online collaborative communication environment where members of an organisation can have real-time conversations, share files, notes and plan meetings through video chat.


Create channels and tab to keep your team organised, mention colleagues in the chat, work on your files within Microsoft teams.


For teaching staff, you can also create classes and assign and grade student work in Microsoft Teams. Add a Class Notebook or even Forms to assign students work.​

Watch the short introduction to Microsoft Teams from Microsoft to see the potential

Creating a Team

To begin creating a Team follow the Step by Step tutorial below 

  • Open Microsoft Teams and Click Join or create a team.

  • Then choose to Create a team. In the dialog box choose a team for Anyone. 

  • Next, give your team a meaningful name (e.g. Social Sciences team). You can add a description if you wish but this is only viewed when someone is searching for your team if it is made public.

  • You can then change the privacy settings on your team. Making it private means only Team owners can add new members, making it public means anyone in the organisation can join the team. 

  • Once this is complete click Next.

  • The team will now be created but you might want to add members at this point too. A dialog box will pop up to allow you to do this by entering their email address (you can begin typing the names of colleagues and it will auto-fill their address) 

  • Once you have typed the names or addresses of everyone you would like to add, click Add.

  • When you add someone they will be a Member, you can change people you have added to a team to an Owner simply by clicking the drop-down arrow next to Member and selecting Owner (this gives them more permissions).

  • Once you have made appropriate changes click Close. ​

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You can quickly access your settings and status by clicking on your icon in the top right of Microsoft Teams. Here you can set your status, change your settings of you look and feel of Teams (have you tried dark mode?). You can also set up your notifications from the settings area. 

You can mute and hide chats too. Right click on a chat name/group chat name and choose to mute the chat to stop receiving notifications. 


You can also hide whole chat threads by choosing to hide. This doesn't delete the chat history. 

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