Medial is the colleges personal version of Youtube, allowing you to stream video content into your courses without having to download large video files. 

You can upload media (video & audio) into Medial Media Library directly without going through the Mashup tool in Blackboard. This content can be added to a category e.g. Science (staff only) or into your Personal (Private) category (staff & students).​

Getting Started

To get started with Medial got to and click login in the top right. You will log in using the same details you use to access your College PC. 

You can then browse the content available as well as begin to record and upload your own content to be used in your Blackboard course. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I add a video to Medial?

You can upload existing clips or live video that you capture with a webcam. The uploaded files are automatically re-encoded in various streaming formats and made available to library visitors. Uploading a File Select a file by clicking Upload on the portal menu bar: The limit on the file size and the allowable file extensions (such as .mov for a QuickTime movie) are displayed. Click Browse to select the file from your file system. A progress bar appears while the media uploads. Once the upload completes, click Next to enter the clip details. On the details screen of the upload wizard, you can add information for the clip. The required fields are:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Description
  • Email address
  • disclaimer check box (if present)
Once these have been filled in you can click Next and choose a thumbnail for the video, here Medial will give you a selection of screenshots from the video or you can upload you own image. Click Next once complete. You can then choose any Associated files, these could be worksheets, caption files, help guides etc. Click Next. You will be taken to the upload confirmation screen which gives you the opportunity to see that all the information add is correct. Click finish to upload your video.

How do I use Medial to record through my webcam?

Record a live feed from a webcam connected to your computer by clicking Upload on the site toolbar. On the upload page, click Record webcam. Then choose to record video (with audio) or audio only: When you are finished recording, click Stop to upload the media stream. The start and end time for the recording can be changed by clicking Adjust start and end time.

How do I share a Medial video without using Blackboard?

When you click the sharing icon, it expands and displays the sharing options, which for publicly available clips include Facebook, Twitter, and email. There is also a hypertext link to the clip that you be manually copy to the clipboard. Clip Embedding Choices Under Embed, the iframe embed code for the clip is displayed. To change the embed code to Javascript, check the box next to Use Javascript embed code. If you have chosen to upload a clip into a personal category, it will be private and it cannot be embedded or shared until you expressly allow access to it. Click Enable public access to change the status to public and allow it to be embedded.

How do I submit a video to a Blackboard assignment?

1. Locate your assignment and click on it to begin 2. Choose the write submission option 3. Choose the Mashups option and select medial 4. You may need to sign into Medial - use your normal student number/username and password to sign in. 5. Choose either to upload, search or use your webcam, to add your video submission. 6. Once you have uploaded your submission wait for it to finish uploading and then select your video. 7. Once you have selected your video choose submit and wait for the assigment to finish submitting.

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