Kahoot! brings fun into learning, for any subject. Create a fun learning game in minutes You can make a series of multiple choice questions. The format and number of questions are entirely up to you. Add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement. 


Kahoots are best played in a group setting, for example, a classroom. Players answer the questions on their own devices, either through the Kahoot App on their phone or on their Laptop, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson. 


Practice makes perfect! With the challenge feature and the Kahoot mobile app, you can assign kahoots as homework. Students play kahoots on their phones for revision and reinforcement.

When you play Kahoot! in a group setting, questions appear on a shared screen and players answer on their devices. Check out the video below to see how to begin hosting a game. 

Create a kahoot to break the ice, re-energise a room, reward good behaviour or just have a little fun. Check out how to do more with Kahoot! by looking through the videos below. 

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Group Kahoot!
Kahoot! Mobile
Kahoot! Homework
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Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account?

Kahoot! accounts are free. So if you’d like to get started, go to https://kahoot.com/ and click sign up for free at the top of the web page. You will be asked to provide some basic information and then you are ready to go!

How do I create a Kahoot!

1. Sign up or log in by going to https://kahoot.com, and log in to your account or sign up. 2. Click “New K!” in the top navigation bar and pick a game type. You can choose from: Quiz – a competitive multiple choice question game Jumble – a competitive sorting game where you have to place answers in the correct order Survey – a multiple choice game to gather opinions (no points) Discussion – a one-question survey The game type for a kahoot cannot be changed after it’s created. 3. Once chosen, fill in the details and settings for the kahoot. Optionally, add a video to play in the lobby. Don’t forget to add a cover image! 4. Set up questions and answers. Adjust time limits and turn points on or off. Add an image or YouTube video to the questions. On quizzes, you must mark at least one answer correct. Setting more than one answer as correct will allow any correct answer to award points. Players cannot submit more than one answer per question. 5. Between adding questions, it’s good to regularly use the Save button. This will update our database and give you choices to continue editing, preview, play, or share your newly made kahoot. When you’re done editing, choose let’s play!

How do I submit on the behalf of a student?

To submit on the behalf of a student select the Turnitin assignment from your blackboard course.
Select an enrolled student name using the author pull down menu on the submission page. Papers submitted by an instructor on behalf of a student will appear in the student portfolio just as if the student made the submission. If you submit on behalf of an non-enrolled student they will be unable to view the submission, even after you have added them to the class. Enter the title for the paper Once the requirements for single file upload have been reviewed, you have a choice to upload a file from:

  • A computer
  • Dropbox
  • or Google Drive
Click one of the submission buttons and then locate the file you would like to upload.
Click Upload to upload this file. The upload will begin processing on the submission preview page and will indicate the upload progress of the selected file. Once the file is processed the first page of the file will be displayed. Once the paper has been uploaded, the first page of the paper being submitted is displayed. Review the text to confirm the correct file was selected. Use the arrows above the document preview to check any further pages in the document.
To complete the file upload, click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the page.
Click Go to assignment inbox to view the list of current student submissions, or click Submit another file to continue submitting as a student.

How do I host a live group Kahoot!?

A live kahoot is intended to be displayed on a large screen (like a projector) in front of an audience/students. Students can use their own web-enabled devices to enter your game PIN in our iOS/Android mobile app or at kahoot.it in their browser to answer questions. Go to https://kahoot.com and log in to your account or sign up.
2. Find the game you want to host.
3. Click Play to launch the game. Remember that questions need to be displayed on a big screen so that all players can see.
4. Review which game options are on/off and adjust to your preferences – for example, if you’d like to randomize the order of questions or use our nickname generator feature for players.
5. Choose Classic or Team mode.
6. Wait for everyone to join, then click Start.
7. Use spacebar on your keyboard or the next button to progress through the game.

Where can I find good Kahoots!?

Over 30 million public kahoots have been created by the community. That means it’s very likely you can find pre-made games that suit your needs. To get started, choose Find Kahoots in the top navigation bar.

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