Inspire to Teach

If you have under 1 years teaching experience or are new to NESCol then these will be one of your first steps introducing you to the NESCol way of delivering exceptional learning experiences for our students. 

Inspire to Teach Induction course


  • This course takes 6 weeks to complete

  • Minimum course study time is 3.5 hours per week with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions

  • Ideal for you in the first 6 months of teaching adults

  • Guided tasks and support in teaching face-to-face and online

  • Suitable for both classroom and workshop situations

Course Information and how to apply

Your line manager in conjunction with the Learning & Development Manager will discuss with you the requirements and the dates of your attendance. 

Look at the Course here:

(is course open? staff may need to be enrolled first)

This course teaches Lecturers and Instructors to:

  • Differentiate between andragogy and pedagogy including the practice across blended learning platforms

  • Identify and address factors that inhibit learning and implement inclusive practice whilst supporting digital literacy.

  • Locate and understand unit specifications, scheme of work and assessment arrangements including the principles of assessment.

  • Practice creating learning plans and formative assessments.

  • Understand your role within the Internal & External verification processes

  • Become an effective lecturer by self-reflection and identifying areas for personal development

Course aligns with:

  • Professional Standards for College Lecturers in Scotland

  • NESCol Assessment & Verification policy

  • SQA Guidance to Assessment