Collaborative learning offers many benefits over traditional instruction. Studies show that when students work as a team, they develop positive attitudes, solve problems more effectively, and experience a greater sense of accomplishment.

You can organise students into groups so they can interact with each other and demonstrate their knowledge while they learn to appreciate the perspective of others.You can create course groups one at a time or in sets.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a single Group? (Original Course)

On the Groups page, select Create. In the Single Group list, select Self-Enroll or Manual Enroll. Type a name and optional description. Make the group visible to students. Select the check boxes for the course tools you want to make available to the group. If you want to grade student submissions for blogs, wikis, and journals, select the Grade option and type Points possible. Select the check box for Allow Personalization to let students add personal modules to the group homepage. Modules are only visible to the group member who added them. Optionally, select the check box to create a smart view for this group.

Can students self enrol onto a Group? (Original Course)

Students can enrol themselves onto a groupusing self enrol. however students can not remove themselves from a group so if they enrol on the wrong group you will need to remove them. You can enroll students in groups in three ways.

  • Manual Enroll allows you to assign each student in your course to a group. Manual enrollment is available for both single groups and group sets.
  • Random Enroll is available for group sets only. Random enrollment automatically distributes students into groups based on your settings for maximum members per group or total number of groups. Random distribution applies only to students who are currently enrolled in your course. You can enroll additional students manually.
  • Self-Enroll allows students to add themselves to a group with a sign-up sheet. Self-enrollment is an option available for both single groups and group sets.

How do students access Groups? (Original Course)

Students can access groups in two ways:

  • In a new course, select the Groups link on the course menu.
  • In the course menu, go to Tools > Groups.

How do I create a Group set? (Original Course)

On the Groups page, select Create. In the Group Set list, select Self-Enroll, Manual Enroll, or Random Enroll. Use the same steps as when you create a single group. Then, based on the enrollment option you choose, you can choose from these options:

  • Self-Enroll: Type a name and instructions for the group. Enter the Maximum Number of Members and select any other options you want to include.
  • Random Enroll: Type the Number of Students per Group or the Number of Groups you want to create. Select an option to Determine how to enroll any remaining members in the groups.
  • Manual Enroll: Type the Number of Groups to create. On the next page, select Add Users for each group to make your selections.
Your selected group members appear in the bottom area with a number showing the total count. Select the Show List icon, represented by a full square, to open the Add Users area to view your selections. To remove users, select the X next to their names.

How do I remove a student from a Group? (Original Course)

Only course instructors and administrators can remove group members. Students can't remove themselves from a group or other students from student-created groups.

  • On the Groups page, select Edit Group in the group's menu.
  • On the Edit Group page, select the X in a member's row to remove the user from the group. Select Remove All Users to delete all members from a group.
  • Select Submit.
The group member is now removed from the group. To verify that a user has been removed, go to the group homepage to check the list of members.

Can I email a Group? (Original Course)

Yes you can send emails to select groups or all users in a course. To send an email to a group go to course tools > send email. Select Groups, select the recipients in the Available to Select box and select the right-pointing arrow to move them into the Selected box. Use the left-pointing arrow to move a user out of the recipient list. Select Invert Selection to select users whose names aren't highlighted, and deselect users whose names are highlighted. Type your Subject. Your message won't be delivered without a subject. Type a Message. Select Attach a file to browse for a file from your computer. You can attach multiple files to your message. Select Submit.

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