Mobile: Grades

The Mobile App allows you to keep your grades front and centre, so you always know how well you're doing. 

You can access grades in two ways on the App

  • Grades on the main menu 

  • Course Overview in a course

Grades for all courses

Select Grades on the main menu to see a quick view of your overall grades for all courses. The grade display of letter, percentage, or points depends on the instructor's settings for the course. Tap a course grade to view your graded work.

Overall grades are not available on the Grades page for Ultra courses by default. Your instructor needs to set up the overall grade in order for it to show in the app. However, you can tap an Ultra course to view your graded work.

View your graded work

After you access grades from the main menu or an individual course, tap a course grade to see your submitted assignments, tests, quizzes, and graded discussions.

You may see calculated grades, such as running totals if your instructor uses them.

Tap a graded item to view the assessment details, your attempts, and instructor feedback. When you tap a graded discussion, you see the entire discussion. Access your course on a web browser to see a collection of your posts only.

Grading rubrics are listed under Details if your instructor associated a rubric with the item. In the app, you can view the rubric, but you need to access your course on a web browser to see the scores your instructor selected for the criteria.

To return to grades for all courses, tap the back arrow until the Menu button appears. Next, select Grades.

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