Content Editor

The content editor allows you to add text and other forms of digital content into your course. 
Features include:

  • Collapsed and expanded (full-screen) views help users control screen space.

  • A new math equation editor is included MathML (WIRIS).

  • Additional editing capabilities have been added including:

    • For text: Correct copy and paste from Microsoft Word, align full, find/replace, blockquote, CSS editing, insert non-breaking spaces, symbols, emoticons

    • For tables: Setting row and cell properties, insert & delete rows and cells, splitting & merging cells

    • For media: Consolidation of media selections under a single toolbar, Automatic HTML validation

    • File attachments: Either from your computer or from the blackboard content collection

You can find out more about the Mashup tool in the Content Editor here.

The full content editor allows you to use tools like Mashups, attachments, HTML aligning text and so on. To view the full capabilities of the Blackboard content editor click here. 

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