Content Collection

The Blackboard Content Collection is a central repository of teaching materials within Blackboard arranged in folders by subject area. Content can be uploaded into a folder for each unit being taught and then linked to from one or more Blackboard courses. This means that if you update a file all links will show this latest file making managing content easier.

Getting Started

This short animation gives a brief visual overview of how the content collection works in a Blackboard course. 

By linking to files in the content collection you only ever have to update one file, overwrite the file and the changes are automatically applied to the file in all the courses it is present in. No more hunting through your Blackboard courses to change the file, the content collection does all the hard work for you. 

Click Below for Content Collection Tutorials (opens in a new window)

Upload to Content Collection
Add file to a course from CC
Overwriting a file
linking files in Ultra
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