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Class Notebook is part of OneNote. Each one includes a Content Library for teachers to share course content, a Collaboration Space where teachers and students can work together, and a private notebook for each student. After a Class Notebook is created, teachers and students can access it from any device using the OneNote app.

Check out this short video from 'Hack the Classroom' to see how Jeff Kash, US middle school social studies teacher, uses Class Notebook to keep his students organised and to make effective use of the time he has with his students.

OneNote in Education has developed an extensive suite of interactive OneNote walkthroughs focusing on its uses in education. We've picked out the most relevant one, but if you want to view the full list, visit OneNote in Education by clicking here.

Creating a Class Notebook 

There are different way to create a OneNote Class Notebook, however here at NESCol this is the method we recommend. 

To get started ensure you have already created a Microsoft Team with all your students added. Not sure how to do this click here to find out how to create your class team. Once your Class team has been created you can add a Class Notebook.


To do this in your Class team click on the Class Notebook tab then click on Create Class Notebook.

You will view an overview of the different spaces in a Class Notebook and what they do (collaborative space, content library, and student notebooks), click Next.

You will be taken to the student area where you can customise the sections so that it suits your teaching style. Click Create when finished.

That is the Class Notebook now added to your Team and the students will be able to access this through the Team or preferably through the OneNote App or OneNote Online

Follow along with the interactive tutorial to view the step by step process

Click Below for Tutorials and Courses on Class Notebook (opens in a new window)

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Accessing a Class Notebook

There are several ways of accessing a Class Notebook that you have been added to. You will usually get an email with a link to the Class Notebook and you can click on this to get access to the notebook. However, if this is not the case you can follow the different methods below to access your notebook.


Accessing a Class Notebook through Office 365

  1. Go to in your browser

  2. In the right-hand corner use the search bar to search for the name of the Notebook

  3. Once you find the correct Notebook click on it and it will open in a new window

Or Alternatively 

  1. Go to in your browser

  2. Go to OneNote

  3. Once in OneNote click on the Class Notebook Tab and go through the list to select your Class Notebook.

Accessing a Microsoft Team Class Notebook 

  1. Follow the email link to the Microsoft Team 

  2. Click on the name of the relevant Microsoft Team (e.g. HNC A Childcare) 

  3. Click on the Class Notebook tab (to the right of Files) 

  4. Click Open in OneNote > OneNote online. 

If you have issues with the set-up as above, alternatively: 

  1. Visit in your browser 

  2. Sign in with your college credentials 

  3. Click the Teams icon 

  4. Click on the name of the relevant Microsoft Team (e.g. HNC A Childcare) 

  5. Click on the Class Notebook tab (to the right of Files) 

  6. Click Open in OneNote > OneNote online. 

Please note that Teams is not supported in Safari so please use an alternative browser.

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