Mobile: Assessments

You can take tests and submit assignments in the Blackboard app. If a test isn't supported on mobile, you'll see a message in the app that directs you to take the assessment in a desktop browser instead.

Stay organised

The app helps you stay organised and know when tests and assignments are due.

  • Stream lets you know when new course content, assignments, and tests are available and when work is due. Click an item in the activity stream to go right to your course.

  • Due Dates in the navigation panel shows upcoming assignments and tests for all of your courses so that you can prioritise your work.

  • Course Content for each course lists assignments and tests. Coursework that is due soon is highlighted in red to show that it needs to be completed.

  • Due Dates within each course show what's coming up for that course only. 

  • Push notifications appear on your device even if you don't have the Blackboard app open. Notifications give you an extra reminder about announcements, new tests, upcoming or past due tests, new grades, new content items, and new courses.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access/start and assignment on the App?

  1. Access an assignment from Due Dates in the menu or in a course.
  2. Read the assignment details.
  3. Complete the questions.
  4. Tap Add Content.
  5. Tap Save for Later or Save and Close if you aren't done working or Submit to turn in your work now.
There is a file size limit of 250 MB for assignment submissions.

How do I take a test in the App?

  1. Access a test from Due Dates in the menu or in a course.
  2. Read the test details.
  3. Tap Start Attempt.
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Tap Save for Later if you aren't finished working or Submit to turn in your test now.
If you see that Drafts are disabled and you can't save for later, your lecturer selected a setting that requires you to complete the test in one session.

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